String Satisfaction

I haven’t been looking for playing satisfaction in my strings for over 3 years now since moving to Texas.   I have been quite pleased by my mix of Flexocor solo strings and Flexocor (G/D) and Orig. Flex. (A/E) for most of my playing.   Just over a month ago I re-strung my bass with some previously used Original Flatchrome’s with a Permanent extended-E, and boy do they sound great!   When I used this setup in the past I had a heavier tailpiece and a chunky stock end-pin on my bass, also heavier.   I can see an immediate improvement to my sound now and the response is great.  Has anybody tried the new Passione strings?   I also missed the Evah Pirazzi fad a few years ago when those were first released.  Feel free to leave feedback with your favorite strings of choice.

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Everything is BIGGER in Texas

This leads me to think just about everything is bigger here in Texas.

The bed height of this pick-up truck was taller than the roof line of the Ford Explorer next to it!

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Renaud Garcia Fons- “Arcoluz” with High C string

I really enjoy Renaud’s playing.  In this video it seems as though he is using a High C string on his 5-string bass to produce such high, beautiful melodies.  Enjoy!

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Hanging with family in the hill country

This weekend my parents joined us from Philadelphia, PA and we went out for some famous Texas BBQ at the Salt Lick in Driftwood,TX.  Mmmmm…. the food is amazing!

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ISB Young Bassist Concert: The Pink Panther

The bassists from the 2011 ISB Young Bassists Program, directed by David Young in his own arrangement of “Pink Panther”

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Musicians Duet Better

I’m almost sure that many of you have seen bumper stickers with this phrase before.   One of the joys I have during the summer months is to work with a small group of students in private lessons between the June and August.  In these lessons I like to play along with my students.  Duets are actually a wonderful pedagogical resource to use with your students (and are also a ton of fun for them too!).

Several salient points I would make about playing duets:

  •  Students learn to tune to another pitch source/ performer.
  •  Students practice sight-reading skills (we usually decide together who plays which part).
  •  Students learn to adapt to musical nuance and observe individual dynamic changes.
  • Students work in a collaborative environment to decide the nature of matching articulations and phrasing.
  • Students have the opportunity to practice being the “leader”, pick a tempo and cue the start of the duets.
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Capriccio di Bravura

Totally operatic!  Love it!!

Alberto Bocini is a member of the widely recognized bass quartet called the “Bass Gang“.

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