Doug Yeo & Terry Everson on the Topic of Practice

Yesterday I continued to think about practice and recalled a short video that I had seen over a year ago- a clip that apparently stuck in my mind.  Being a person of faith I can certainly resonate with Terry’s comments on the parallels between musical practice and your own spiritual development.   Doug Yeo, like myself is an alumnus of Wheaton College and currently is the Bass Trombonist with the Boston Symphony Orchestra.


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One Response to Doug Yeo & Terry Everson on the Topic of Practice

  1. Robert Martin says:

    Great. Thanks! Here is what I sent some students and other musicians:

    Hello, everyone — here is some inspiration.

    The concept of practice: Take the option to watch on YouTube to get some other very interesting video clips by Doug Yeo and others.

    Doug Yeo, bass trombone, the Boston Symphony Orchestra –

    Terry Everson, trumpet —

    Practice makes permanent, so practice with care. Get a problem right and then repeat, repeat, repeat.

    Don’t practice mistakes. It is OK to read through something to get a sense of the whole regularly. But then refine and correct by carefully figuring out the details. It takes time, unless you are perfect to begin with.

    Of course, almost nothing is ever “perfect” but we can work and correct or minimize intonation problems, counting problems, the intention of the composer, musicality, useful fingerings for fast vs. melodic passages, dynamics, bow technique, sight reading and etc., to name a few.

    Think, practice. Think, practice.


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