Time to File Taxes… are you serious??

I don’t know how many people have heard about the Form 4868 and the ability to file for a tax extension, but this is the second year our family has chosen to file late… on purpose.  Since many of you can imagine the often chaotic lifestyle of musicians, this past spring was exceptionally time consuming with taking the DMA comps in addition to several symphony subs and academic work, and this year we opted to postpone until summer when our family has the time (and less stress) to prepare our return.   I should say that if all you have is a simple W-2 return then you have no late excuse, it usually takes our family very long hours to complete the whole ordeal every year.
For more information about the Tax Extension, this site might be helpful to your efforts.  If you care to read more about filing taxes as a musician feel free to visit my post from last year with an excellent resource.


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David Ballam Doctoral Student at the University of Texas at Austin Doublebass Instructor: UT String Project & Round Rock School District BLOG: https://tunedin4ths.wordpress.com/ WEB: https://ballam.musicteachershelper.com
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