Robert Oppelt and Differences in German Bow Hold

I recently discovered a very useful site by Robert Oppelt in which he documents 11 variations of the German Bow-hold.  This amount of variance in right-hand posture is pretty remarkable to me, and something I didn’t know very much about since I play with the ‘French’ bow hold.  To me, getting a nice bow hold was a relatively straightforward process with the French bow, however only when I had to start teaching German bow, did I encounter some of the idiosyncrasies of that particular bow hold.  One factor, which I had never really noticed was the amount of difference in size of German bow frogs and how that related to the player’s hand.  For the most part, I just look for what is most relaxed, free, and comfortable, but on some occasions I felt like the student was equipped with size 12 shoes to run a race when he/she only had size 8 feet.    For those German bow players reading this post feel free to chime in with any comments.  What are some effective teaching strategies you have used for beginners with German bow?


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