Dissertation Assistance for PhD Candidates? Really?

Unbelievably there’s a group out there that will help you to with your dissertation.  Minimax Consulting is the name of the company and they claim, “Comprehensive Consulting for PhD Candidates- Committee giving you trouble?  Let us be your teammate…”  It’s a rather odd thing in my opinion to have help writing your dissertation at the very end of your doctorate, and at the very end of your academic student career!  One would think that doctoral candidates having made it that far should know how to write their dissertation without much help (yes it’s still difficult, and yes it’s still a long process).  I heard once that there are a surprising amount of career bound doctorate students that just can’t get through the dissertation process and finish.  Yes, everything has been fairly structured with classes up until this point, but the goal is to become independent and provide a new contribution to your particular field of study.  In addition, your research should also be on a topic or field that you enjoy, and your committee should know you and want to support your scholarly work.  This whole notion of needing ‘assistance’ just raises a lot of interesting questions in my mind.

For those reading this post, feel free to chime in with your thoughts!


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David Ballam Doctoral Student at the University of Texas at Austin Doublebass Instructor: UT String Project & Round Rock School District BLOG: https://tunedin4ths.wordpress.com/ WEB: https://ballam.musicteachershelper.com
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