iPad: revolutionary tool or not?

Yesterday, Apple unveiled it’s “latest and greatest” creation: the iPad.  This was probably the highlight of my day since I knew Apple was going to make it’s debut very soon.  You know it’s amazing to see what Apple is able to create because the company causes such a stir when a new product comes out.  When I think about watching Willie Wonka in Charlie in the Chocolate Factory as a child, it’s the same kind of thing Steve Jobs in doing with Apple today.

Aside from the hype, I believe this new device could be an amazing tool.  At first glance it’s like a large iPod touch, but the large (almost 10″ wide) screen and re-vamped apps definitely make is a much superior piece of technology.  Also, because you know it’s made by Apple it probably won’t have any bugs or troubles that you’ll have to deal with later.

This thing that I’m most interested to watch with the iPad is whether or not it really changes us as a society (like the iPhone did for web-browsing and using it as a phone).  More than ever before, people are using the web for email, chat, twitter, facebook to get in touch with people rather than just pick the phone and dial 10 digits.  I think the iPad will do an excellent job with keep us connected, just in a more portable and graphic way.  Kudos to Apple!

I’d vouch for the 3G + wi-fi model so I could connect to the web anywhere, but those start around $650.  Also, can’t wait to see how musicians will use this device for teaching, writing, performing, etc.


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David Ballam Doctoral Student at the University of Texas at Austin Doublebass Instructor: UT String Project & Round Rock School District BLOG: https://tunedin4ths.wordpress.com/ WEB: https://ballam.musicteachershelper.com
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