You’re a Real Musician When…

I just received this in an email forward recently.  Some of these accounts are pretty funny, others come very close to the truth.

You’re a Real Musician When:

When the gig you drove 200 miles for to make $100, and had to pay for a
hotel room, is later referred to as your “summer tour”.

When you are pleased that the pay for the gig, when looked at hourly
from the time you leave your house to when you return meets minimum

When someone comes up to you to tell you how much they love your
playing, because they didn’t think anyone played those things anymore.
You get to the gig to find out that nothing is comped, and you’re
charged $10 to park.

When someone seeks you out to complement your playing as the “best sax
player they have ever heard”, and you’re the trumpet player.

(It’s funny, some people can’t even tell the difference between a cello and a bass sometimes!)

When you realize that a small piece of equipment- such as a wireless
mic you need- will take months of weekly gigs to pay for.

When you have to add $30 or $40 out of your pocket to find a sub, cause
no one will cover you for what you are paid.

When the bandleader or club owner wants to pay you in food or drinks,
and you have $100,000 in school loans to pay off for that music degree.

When you know that other musicians who routinely claim they don’t work
for less than $100 a night only work a few times a year.

When you have, for several years, been paid the same amount for a gig,
but are afraid to say anything about it for fear that you might lose
the gig.


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One Response to You’re a Real Musician When…

  1. Christina says:

    Very funny David, and like you said often true!

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