Care & Maintenance of Your Instrument

A topic sometimes seldom discussed (especially around those new to the instrument) is the care and maintenance of our instruments.  Like anything that you touch or use on a daily basis, it’s going to require some work to maintain.  I remember the moment when I realized that I didn’t have to be a master luthier to figure out that I can do some things on my own to help keep my bass in good repair.  A few easy things I do regularly are to check the string height, tilt of the bridge (to make sure it’s straight), and check for any tension or cracks.  The use of humidifiers (ex. a Dampit) is a definite must during dry weather, like now during the Winter months.  Also, I always take care while moving my bass- this is probably the greatest opportunity for an accident to happen (either going through doors, or loading my bass into my car).  Lastly, prevention is so important.  I try to always be thinking ahead and playing is safe.

Here’s a few sites that also might be helpful:


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